For those organisations or companies that have neither the resources nor the know-how internally, mN'Organisation can provide Sales & Marketing support for either a short or long period of time. Our principle goal is to provide you or your affiliates with a rapid return on investment followed by measureable and sustained growth.

Here are some of the tools and tactics we will use...

  • Establish and develop awareness of your brand.
  • Increase your turnover through startegic marketing and communication.
  • Optimizing your customer mix using tools such as social media.
  • Increasing your occupancy rate by tactical sales activity.
  • Work with trade partners to increase product development by:
    • Training.
    • Joint marketing initiatives.
    • Familiarisation Trips.

The resources available through us include:

  • Co-op marketing with French and foreign tour operators.
  • Marketing committees (in partnership).
  • Direct marketing operations on national rosters.
  • Support of a call center based in France and specialist tourism and hotel reservation staff.
  • Inventory control, management and optimisation.
  • Operations general public communication media partnership.
  • E-business development and promotion.

We help you first learn more about your environment to enhance your business. 

mN'Organisation is an ideal partner for any French or foreign organisation wishing to expand their marketing in France and Europe. Below is an example our our consultancy cycle for hotel and tourism property clients...