Who are we ?

An innovative agency composed of a young, competent, enthusiastic and bilingual team.

Offering expertise in marketing and tourism communication, our strength lies in the knowledge of the French market on the commercial front, as well as in the perspectives of the development of the sector. Our requirement is to guarantee, through our work, a return on investment to our customers. Our directors come from both tour operators and the tourism industry and recognize that strong, long-term collaboration leads to substantial and measurable returns.

Our History

An 100% multi-specialist agency store dedicated to tourism

mN'Organisation was created in 2004 under the impetus of Murielle Nouchy who for twenty years held commercial and marketing responsibilities for prestigious actors in the hotel and leisure industry such as Accor Hotels, Maeva or Skiset.

In 2003, Murielle obtained a master's degree from Ecole Centrale Paris and decided to start with her first client Mer Montagne Vacances, which entrusted her with various strategic and tactical missions and numerous market studies. This first phase of mN'O's history has been enriched by many clients, mainly in leisure accommodation with Resid'home, Village Center, but also with structuring studies entrusted by tour operators such as the Sunweb group. in the Netherlands or the Skiset group.

It is in 2009 that the Organization has added a pillar that has become strategic in the company, that of a firm recognized for its expertise in the field of destination promotion. On this date, Visit California, the promotional agency of the State of California entrusted him with representation in France and Belgium. Since then, other prestigious destinations have used the services of mN'O. In 2012, many international hotel chains, like Centara Hotels and Resorts, have outsourced the leisure, MICE and corpo segments to mN'O. In 2015, Nick Vine, a senior in the UK tourism industry, has taken a stake in mN'O, allowing it to grow. In 2018, the teams moved into the new offices of the 250 m² company in Garches, thus making it possible to start writing the future history of the Organization.

Our expertise

Real specialists at your service

With many years of experience, the Organization has developed its expertise in many areas to bring its customers full satisfaction.

With a vision at 360 degrees on the tourism industry, MNO offers its customers personalized and unique strategies. Active on the French, Belgian and French-speaking markets, mN'O enables the development of marketing, sales, media relations and the communication of all its markets.

Our mission is to guarantee, by our work, the best possible ROI to our customers. That is why mN'O is very connected to the tourism sector (Leisure, MICE and companies) and is recognized on the market for its professionalism and dynamism. Added to this is the media (traditional and digital) that have no secrets for our experts.

Our clients

Visit California
Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board
Centara Hotels & Resorts
Diethelm Travel Group
Visit Greater Palm Springs
High Sierra Visitors Council
Santa Monica Travel & Tourism
Sonoma County California
Warner Bros Studio Hollywood Tower
West Hollywood Travel & Tourism Board
Our Team


Our team is composed of creative and determined young people working in close collaboration with experienced and passionate executives. In our team we are proud to say that we all share the same values: pragmatism, ingenuity and professionalism.

Let us write your story in the French Tourism Industry ...

Murielle Nouchy

Founder and Leader

+33 6 80 75 17 30
+33 1 39 18 21 80
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My clients : All the clients of mN'Organisation

As a child, already, I was a child of tourism since I traveled for different companies such as Club Med with its subsidiary Maeva, or for SkiSet where I then worked as director of sales and marketing. After spending 20 years in the tourism industry, I resumed my studies at École Centrale Paris. My goals were diverse, but basically, I wanted to improve my expertise with innovative ideas and update myself on the latest marketing and online marketing concepts. In 2004, I create my organization, making my previous contacts my first clients. And followed by many others ... Because all the skills of the Organization's team are diversified, eclectic and always based on this truth: our clients must be convinced that we are doing the best in their name and that they can count on us.

Nick Vine

Partner / Strategic Director

+44 7917 783848
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My clients : All the clients of mN'Organisation

Until 2009, I was account manager for Visit California UK & Ireland, one of the leading representative and communication accounts in the travel industry in the country. This contract is composed of co-ops, public relations, communications, commercial relations with travel, development of technological and web strategies, brand advertising, trade. Specialist in digital marketing, brand management and product development, with particular skills in practical digital activities (technical and creative), I accumulate over 40 years of experience in the travel industry, especially in Europe, Canada, North America and the world.

Veronique Amsellem

Account Manager

+33 7 84 27 51 62
+33 1 39 18 21 81
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My clients : Visit California

Graduated from a Master's degree in Applied Foreign Languages ​​at Paris Sorbonne University, I specialize in tourism and am a Bachelor of International Tourism in Paris. I started my career in 2002, as a group tour operator and then joined CRIV Voyages, a subsidiary of Editions Larivières, where I manage the business and incentive travel part. I then take over the Tour Operating department of the agency, and become responsible for production and development. Deciding to focus my career on marketing and communication, I join 2015 MNO to work for his client Visit California France which I am now account manager.

Asma Ben Khalifa

Commercial Director

+33 6 48 61 76 00
+33 1 39 18 99 99
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My clients : Centara Hotels & Resorts + Diethelm Travel Group

After several years spent traveling the world as a product manager for different tour operators (Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East ...) and specialized in high-end tailor-made travel, I joined the MNO team in August 2018. I am currently in charge of the representation of Diethelm Travel Group, a receptive since 61 years in Asia present in 13 countries, as well as Centara Hotels present in Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Oman. With my knowledge of the key players in the market and I was able to develop a real relationship that allows me today to provide training, commercial promotion and promotion of destinations and products, in terms of business but also marketing.

Marie Loyola

Account manager

+33 6 48 54 94 73
+33 1 39 18 21 88
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My clients : Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board + Visit Greater Palm Springs

My 10 years in the Tour Operator Travelers of the World brought me all the experience and knowledge on the latest trends in luxury travel as well as my favorite destination: The United States. Following a training in marketing and communication, I am now in charge of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board and Greater Palm Springs CVB. I share all the novelties and assets of these dream destinations with tourism and press professionals.

Lea Pinglot

Account manager

+33 6 48 26 44 55
+33 1 39 18 99 99
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My clients : Santa Monica Travel & Tourism, Visit California, High Sierra Visitors Council, Sonoma County

Following a strong training in languages ​​and foreign cultures, I specialized in the framework of a Master Tourism - Destination Management. Passionate about travel, I have multiplied professional opportunities abroad (USA - Florida, New York, Germany, Thailand) while developing skills in sales, production and marketing. Since July 2017, I put my experience at the service of mN'O for the promotion of destinations.

Kelly Andrieux

Communication & Content

+33 6 46 55 55 46
+33 1 39 18 99 99
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My clients : Visit California, MNO

After a license in information and communication in Lyon, I fly to do Au Pair in the United States for over a year. From there, I begin to share my adventures online and get interested in influencer marketing. The passion of travel takes me several months in Australia. Returning to France, I resume my studies with training related to tourism in Lyon. That's when I join mN'O alternately for my master and I start a daily between Lyon and Paris.

Pascal Becquet

Press relations

+33 6 62 75 87 32
+33 1 39 52 25 10
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My clients : Visit California, West Hollywood Travel & Tourism Board, Greater Palm Springs, Centara Hotels & Resorts, MNO

After having held various positions in the written media as well as in a Parisian radio, I joined the Nouvelles Frontières Group in 2000 before joining the Corsair airline, where I worked for more than 4 years. Communication manager in the press relations department for both the company and for one year for the tour operator TUI France. In 2011, with my various experiences in press relations in the tourist field, I create my own entity to offer my services to the largest numbers - small or large companies - in the field of press relations. Today for mN'O, I'm in charge of press relations with the different clients of the company.

Marine Cardoso

Account manager

+33 1 39 18 99 99
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My clients : West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board

After working six months for a luxury Paris tour operator, I obtained my degree in applied foreign languages. Curious and with the desire to discover the world, I went to the discovery of Australia in road trip for 1 year. Returning from this incredible journey, I worked for two years for a tour operator specializing in Oceania, as a Travel Designer. Then I decided to resume my studies for a Master's degree in Marketing Strategy at ESG Paris alternately. Since October 2018, I work at mN'O as an Executive Accountant.

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