Press and Media

Conscious of the importance of effective PR and communications, we ensure our clients benefit from our deep understanding of French media. The way to reach potential visitors through print and broadcast media varies greatly in each country and France is no different, so we regularly produce media landscape reports that help explain the relative importance of the different channels. Once we have established your target visitor profile, we will ensure you obtain the maximum share of voice through our excellent relationships with the most influential editors and journalists for consumer publications, national newspapers, broadcast media, the blogger community and the trade press.

At mN'Organisation, we focus on the following aspects of PR & Communication that we undertake for our clients...

Public Relations

  • Develop and maintain credibility with our audience through our own informed passion for the product.
  • Ensure the way we work with our audience reflects the same message we are transmitting.
  • Create and disemminate accurate and relevent information.
  • Keep the message we create clear and simple.
  • Keep our messaging on track and consistent.
  • Work within established and effective channels of communication which we and our audience understand.
  • Determine best levels of understanding of our audience, and work within those boundaries.


  • Distill effective communication strategies into practical media action plans.
  • Capitalize on positive news to resound with target visitors.
  • Ensure dynamic events that can count on effective press coverage.

We recognise the importance of positive press relations ...

  • They contribute to a client's reputation in its environment: investors, suppliers, prospects, influencers ...
  • They position the company as a key player in its sector.
  • Positive press realtions are an important tool for motivating teams.
  • They support the overall effort in the commercial launch of a product.
  • They promote new partnerships.


Social Media

Our in-house specialists offer effective solutions for visitor engagement through social media channels.

The overall plan for a successful startegy is based on well-known principles... but we recognise while they are current today, they may be different tomoorw. The digital landscape is changing all the time, and we will too.

Our first steps...