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By opening a representation office in France (Murielle Nouchy Organisation) and opening up its tourism to the French market, The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Islands are looking to attract more French travellers who previously represented only 1% in terms of number visitors in 2012.


This little paradise has a lot to offer! With its white sandy beaches and amazingly well protected islands, the destination boasts sunny weather all the year round and an ideal water temperature of 80°F that will attract watersports enthusiasts and beaches lovers. Fort Myers & Sanibel Islands are also known for their bird sanctuary, diverse ecosystem, and large choice of accommodation (from Bed & Breakfast to resorts), an easy access by air from France and lots of entertainment and activities, dining options and boutiques for the shopping aficionados.

In 2012, 240,302 tourists visited the destination, comprising 77% domestic visitors from the U.S, 13% from Germany, 2% from United Kingdom, 4% from Canada, Switzerland, Scandinavia & Europe and 1% from France.

What are these visitors looking for?

  • Relax in a beautiful setting (87%)
  • Sunny weather and hot water - 80°F (85%)
  • White sandy beaches (80%)
  • Sustainable environment (76%)
  • Easy access to beautiful vacation rentals
  • Secure destination
  • Good exchange rate conditions and reasonable prices
  • Lots of activities options
  • Reasonable meals and restaurants
  • Cool & family friendly atmosphere

According to a study undertaken by the region - Lee County - the majority of the actual visitors are looking for beaches (96%) , calm and relaxfing environement (80%), outdoor activities and dining (76%), swimming and water sports (65%) and shopping (45%).

The same study defines the profile of travelers thus:

  • 2/3 of the tourists are landing at the nearby airport of Southwest Florida Airport.
  • The average lenght of stay is between 7 and 8 days.
  • 49% of them are staying in a hotel, a motel, a resort or a Bed & Breakfast
  • 34% of them are staying in a condominium, a cottage or a vacation rental home
  • 15% of them are staying at relatives's house
  • 1% of them opted for campground


Today, The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Islands want to increase awareness of the destination within the French market. This little piece of paradise is located in the south west of Florida, in front of the Gulf of Mexico and at only 2½ hours driving time from Miami and at few minutes from the Southwest Florida International Airport (Flight Paris – Atlanta – Fort Myers sur DELTA for example)

The Beaches of Forts Myers & Sanibel Islands are a very accessible and perfect destination for lovers ...

NATURE & ECOTOURISM LOVERS – Wild destination – Bird and fish sanctuary – Manatee, dolphins – Sailing mangroves rivers

BEACHES & SHELLS LOVERS - Shells here are unique!

FISHING LOVERS – Fishing the tarpons offers an unrivaled experience

WATERSPORTS LOVERS – An ideal spot for wind and watersports activities

GOLF LOVERS – 92 golf courses!

LIFESTYLE LOVERS - Beeing able to just relax is a kind of lifestyle – enjoying eating fish, seafood and local gourmet "Floribean" meals in front of the sunset is another one.

ENTERTAINEMENT – Shopping – Dining – shows & concerts ... clubs ...

More to come ...