Our know-how, our creativity, our professionalism and the confidence shown by the industry in us are major factors in the success of our actions. Here is a sample of the events and activities that we organize on behalf of our clients.

Our Events

mN'Organization expertly crafts all types of events on behalf of our clients.

mN'Organization is recognized for the quality of its services and organizes all types of events on behalf of its clients. These events are always created in close collaboration with the client and aligned to their needs and budget, with creativity and respect for the brand. Depending on the aims of the messaging, we will organize the ideal event to attract the very best audience, from travel agents to industry CEOs and selected media. Our events are always memorable and very successful.

Our training events

Travel agent training is a key action in the effective promotion of a destination.

The training of travel agents and sales teams is a key activity in the promotion of any destination. At mN'O we pride ourselves as being recognised and experienced travel trade training experts. Over the years we have recruited hundreds of travel agents to attend our courses which are considered to be highly professional, rewading and especially useful for increasing sales. We believe that a fully trained and empowered travel agent becomes a truely enthustiastic ambassador for the destinations we represent.

Consequently we constantly adapt the sessions according to the requests of the travelers.

FAM / Press and blog trips

The FAMs we organize are very diverse and based on the client's overall strategy.

Over the years, more than 500 Product Managers and 50 trips have brought together Sales Managers, Travel Agents and CEOs. The familiarization trips we organize are all different and are carefully aligned with the overall strategy of each of our clients.

We consider it's essential to bring together tourism and media professionals to discover our destinations and clients first hand. This is the best way to create great memories and to encourage the tourism sector to concentrate its efforts in promoting the destination. It's also a great way to encourage the press to devote more coverage of our destinations and increase our share of voice.

Press Revue

Many press trips are organized every year and guarantee the publication of articles and reports.

Each year, we organize numerous groups and individual press trips. We respect the independence of each one, but we ensure that we keep a spotlight on our clients' interests by ensuring that the stakeholders who participate in showcasing their products put them forward in the most positive way. We guarantee the release of articles, broadcasts or reports and always follow up with each destination partner who contributed to the success of each particular project.

Influencer Trips

Thanks to the influencers we share the enthusiasm we bring to our destinations.

Among our many marketing services, mN'Organization is proud to have organized blog trips for several years with some of France's most talented and widely-followed influencers. The content generated as a result of these trips is innovative and designed to be shared by subscribers and across other social media platforms, which amplifies the coverage of the destination.

Broadcast / TV

We make the most of destinations thanks to the most influential journalists.

At mN'Organisation, we believe in the power of the image and negotiate numerous partnerships with the most powerful television channels in France. Being able to inspire millions of viewers and familiarize them with our clients' brands is one of our many strengths. We work with production companies and editorial teams to propose topics that will arouse the interest of their audiences.

Les Tables de La Quotidienne

We invite prestigious guests to discuss today's and tomorrow's tourism issues

Since 2016, Murielle Nouchy has presented "Les tables de la Quotidienne" ... a series of informal talks around the lunch table with the leaders of the travel industry in France. During this series of discussions, we have had the pleasure of hearing the views of some of the most influential leaders in the industry who share their vision of the topics closest to our industry.

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